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  • GeLisa Marie, Contributing Writer

Communicate To Educate:

How many times have you felt profiled for being who you ​appear ​to be?

And how often do you profile others?

I have been profiled more times than I can count.

From many angles I have had to live with the reality of perception, mine and theirs. " They" are the people assume.

Angle 1. I am black.

Angle 2. I have light brown skin.

Angle 3. I am a woman.

As a black girl from Chicago, I have interacted with and befriended many different people from different cultures and backgrounds.

All have there opinion of other cultures. I have been assumed to be everything but human.

Different minority communities struggle with color-ism.

How light/dark am I?

I have been perceived as many things, conceited, snooty, ghetto.

As a woman - men and women have assumed that they know how I will react to situations or how I may interpret situations.

This is all before we get to how I dress, speak and wear my hair.

Human decency can sometimes takes a backseat to assumption.

The crazy thing is, we all assume what we think we know.

A decade ago, I did some profiling of my own about my baggy-jeaned neighbors on one side of my street and my blonde haired blue eyed neighbors on the other side.

I just didn't like what either party assumed of me before they knew who I was .

I think anyone can see the light if they want to.

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