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  • GeLisa Marie

Communicate To Educate:

Can we truly get along? 
Who is we and what is getting along ? Like in America we could but we haven’t , In the world … maybe one day . Meanwhile, humans have been said to have the type of nature where being in conflict is natural . Different views have always been apparent and they have led to wars, fights, assainations , and minor disagreements. The nature of humans is to evolve so I’m sure that we will , but for the better .. only if we all agree. Agreed ? I have a theory I call circus theory . Everyone attends the circus to have fun, for them selves and their guest and no one hardly ever goes alone. Everyone is one page at the circus , and yet I’ve still seen fights break out , purses being snatched, and babies having no fun at all. “Humans will find a issue at the circus “ my mom would say … what do you say? Where and under what circumstances can we just , get along?

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