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Communicate To Educate

There are many homeless, displaced, at-risk youth in this world. We see them around us every day no matter where we are. In order to have better, we must create and do better.

As a parent, things can be extremely tough, testy, and challenging at times. And this is a natural, normal reaction when one is raising little humans. However, some situations are more extreme than others as we all know and have seen when it comes to parental frustration and utilizing control and restraint. As parents sometimes we feel alone, confused, and question our parenting methods. And for some, unfortunately, this can create violence, abuse, knee-jerk reactions, and impulsive responses. And no one should have to feel that this is the only way to handle their child. And this is why healthy support and honest communication can go a long way to help prevent poor reactions and choices. Please, have a seat... Create a plan. So that when you feel things are getting too tight and you have rescue at your aid. If you are one of those persons who struggle to control their temper, suffers from lack of support and resources, or just feels overwhelmed at times, this is a great tool for you. Arrange a pick or drop to a close trusted one, enroll your children in after-school programs. Avoid making television the babysitter, keeping them active goes a long way! And if you feel that this is too much, there are many organizations, programs, and resources s set in place to provide you with what is needed in trying times. Work it out before you put them out!

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