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Communicate To Educate

When will we start to treat mental health like plants?

Beautiful when in bloom, appreciated for its beauty, runs great when it is treated well... but what happens when we see the health starting to fail?

When we noticed the shift in growth, the decrease in happiness?

When we see the leaves breaking off, withering, the life starting to drain? We remove the dead pieces, tend to the plant, and water with special care.

Talking to plant, doing our best to figure out what happened, what went wrong?

Or...we ignore it!

Tell ourselves that we will get to it later, and that it will be OK?

Because in our minds, it will be right? We want so badly to believe this will be the case, because we say that it will be.

Not realizing just how much care, attention, and support it was getting. Just how much light and love we provided to it.

But that's never the case is it? When you finally decide to give it attention, it's either on it's last line of life or it is already...dead.

And sadly, this is the case with many of our personal struggles. Especially, mental health.

We must learn how to not only water plant daily(mind), but to recognize when others need help in doing the same.

Sometimes you have to go to the greenhouse to get well!

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