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  • GeLisa Marie - Contributing Writer

Communicate To Educate:

What does white society mean by “Get over it“ to the black community?

The truth is that there are individuals walking this earth that really believe because something occurred long ago, that it should be kept in the past, even if it’s still occurring. In reality, whether you're Jewish, Mexican, or part of any culture that has had a struggle, you're never taught to forget. When others want to dismiss the unfortunate events that may have led to the ups and downs of a culture, they probably don’t connect to that culture or care. When a group is specifically responsible for said events, they often want not to face the facts that they feel don't concern them now that time has passed.

In truth, many cultures of historically oppressed people are still struggling with covert systems placed to make it difficult for them to propel forward in America and other countries.😎 But really, “get over it“ is a slap in the face!

Whether you have emerged successfully or still struggle with restriction.


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