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Communicate To Educate

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been well.

Thanks for staying tuned as we prepared our next move! I know it’s been some time since we’ve posted and that’s because we have been doing so many great things.

I am happy to announce that we now have a vlogging series Beautiful Brown Bag: Communicate To Educate. Yay!

Communicate To Educate was created to provide a safe space for real, raw dialogue about heavy hitting issues that affect us solely and socially.

You the viewer, the supporter, the passerby can always participate in these discussions as they will be posted on our social media pages as QOTD, our website, and of course our YouTube channel, where you can actively be apart of a live Q&A session. Discussions will be presented in a roundtable-style forum with various guests. Welcoming folx from all backgrounds to dig into what hinders, hurts, and helps us the most so that we may see, hear, and think a little differently than before.

Look for the QOTD to be posted daily and join in to share your thoughts on the subject at hand.

Remember, opinions are just that. Yes, there will be some very uncomfortable things stated and asked, however, this is exactly what is needed. If we never talk about what we see, our experiences, traumas, how are we to ever unite and connect? We have more similarities than we do differences. And conversation needs to be had. And with these discussions, we hope that you will start to see and feel the same.

"It is not a sole issue, it is a social issue"

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