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Now that's how you kick off the new year!

We had an awesome outpouring of support, response, and donations in just one month.

With the powerful creation of social media, it was no surprise how fast word got around about our life altering movement.

With over 200 items donated in just four weeks, you can imagine the type of impact that this will make on these young adults.

To know that they have people who have placed love, care, and support into these packages is beyond amazing!

With your awesome contributions we touch on three key things that make this organization such a force:

Increase awareness for safer living practices.

Promote stability & independence.

Provide access to sanitary hygiene supplies with self care resources.

And there will be an expansion of services as we continue to grow.

Our journey is truly just beginning.

We have so much to look forward to and share with you!

Stay tuned for the Beautiful Brown Bag City-Wide Donation Drive Tour.

A tour where BBB will partner with fellow LGBTQ+ shelters, facilities, and organizations to collect items to help replenish inventory while creating a more convenient and safer method for the youth to receive assistance, in addition to you getting to meet, connect, and interact with just who it is that you will be helping. Nothing says thank you like a smile and a warm conversation. We look forward to seeing you!

Tour dates and times will be posted.

Thank you for your support!

Beautiful Brown Bag, Founder | Executive Director

Karisia Marinese

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